Looking to improve your home entertainment situation? We can help! Once you have chosen what’s best for your family, Home Tech Solutions Ltd can provide the installation specific to your requirements. Whether you’re interested in TV satellite installation, repairs or are having a home theatre put in, we have you covered in Auckland. Speak to us today and find out about how you can get quality digital free-to-air television. Here are some helpful links about Freeview to help you on your journey into the digital realm.

What is Freeview?

Freeview is NZ’s free-to-air digital television and radio service that brings you digital quality pictures across all free-to-air channels in NZ. This has brought about a huge improvement to the quality of the picture you now watch. There are many more channels and a larger variety of information available on screen. The interactive features such as Freeview 8 day onscreen listings guide lets you preview and browse the listings for the next 8 days. The number of channels available is growing, bringing you more free in-home entertainment, all with improved picture quality. With Freeview there is more than one option available allowing you to choose the right fit for your home. Freeview UHF, high definition or satellite is now NZ’s free-to-air platform bringing your favourite TV channels and some radio channels to your home in digitally clear quality. Find out more by calling Home Tech Solutions Ltd in Auckland.

Guide to all channels available on Freeview

How to get Freeview

At Home Tech Solutions Ltd, we consider ourselves specialists in aerial and TV satellite installation. Depending on your location, a UHF aerial or satellite dish may be your best option to enjoy Freeview’s many channels and great digital picture quality. With our expert knowledge and experience working in Auckland, we can usually give you an estimate over the phone as to which aerial (or satellite) is required, however there are many instances where you may require additional equipment. Call us for a free, no obligation estimate over the phone or to book an appointment.


With Satellite installations, we can provide you with the very wide range of channels now available. Many of these are now available free of charge, however for some may require a subscription. We can also redistribute your Sky Television channels around the rest of the house and enable you to control your Sky unit from other rooms via a special infra-red remote system. We are your TV satellite installation experts in Auckland!

Guide to all available Satellite TV Channels

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