In the technology era, organising and rewiring audio visual cables for a new home or renovated room is one of the most important parts of the whole process. At Home Tech Solutions Ltd in Auckland, we understand your needs and offer premium cabling services without the expensive price tag. Whether you want to have a complete in-home sound solution (indoors or outdoors), Freeview or Sky distributed throughout your home or internet cabling: all this can be wired or re-wired for you. Visit or call Home Tech Solutions Ltd and find out more!

All your cabling needs

Call Home Tech Solutions Ltd to discuss all your cabling options in your new house while the walls are open! We believe that today’s home should be an inter connection of many different products working together to give you the most satisfying lifestyle. iPhones, iPods, Apple TV and other media servers can all interface with the modern TV Sound Systems to give you what you want in regards to an integrated audio visual experience.

Internet Cabling

If you’re building, make sure you’ve got your internet cabling needs organised! Having unreliable internet can be very frustrating, and can often impact on your work and social life. At Home Tech Solutions Ltd, we’re confident you won’t find a more affordable quality cabling service in Auckland. Trust us to get your job done quickly, and we promise not to disrupt your building or renovations at all!

Audio Visual Cables

While we provide a number of cabling services, we still consider TV, sound systems and home entertainment wiring to be our speciality. While it might just seem like a bundle of wires to you, we know exactly which cable needs to go where! So leave the worrying to us, kick back and we’ll have you watching your favourite TV show or movie before you know it. Speak to Home Tech Solutions Ltd in Auckland and find out why the customers keep coming back.

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